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Healing, Aligning & Celebrating the True Essence of Yourself So You Can Embrace & Embody a new narrative of Self-Love!

Have you been yearning to feel a genuine sense of love, joy and acceptance that doesn't depend on external circumstances?

Have you desired to learn how to rediscover your authentic self and  unlock your ultimate potential?

Have you been battling with really unlocking what it means to love yourself completely stand in this confidently and with ease?

Let's Discover & Write A Real Love  Story…


Welcome to the journey of Revolutionary Self-Love!

Join us for a one-of-a-kind weekend of transformative experiences where you grab hold of the pen and you write your own narrative of self-love and begin to heal.

We invite you to this 3 part weekend affair that takes you on a profound exploration of your inner world and helps you lean into a life filled with joy & purpose.

Imagine awaking each day feeling more rejuvenated and grounded while having more energy & confidence.

But why do you need to heal and rewrite your self-love?

The answer is simple: because you owe it to yourself & definitely more than deserve it! 

You deserve to wake up every morning with a deep sense of self-worth, knowing that you are enough just as you are but allowing and accepting where you can grow. 

You'll shed the layers of self-criticism, comparison, and negativity that have held you back for far too long. But a more important reason is that it's time to show the world who you are becoming.

In a world that often tells us we're not enough, it's time to reclaim our worth and create the love affair with ourselves that's truly revolutionary.

Limited space is available

What does this weekend retreat entail?


A upscale location that sets the tone to assist in the awakening a new version of YOU 


A carefully crafted a workshop designed to heal your wounds & empower your soul


A swag bag of goodies, a full color book to continue your journey & a self Love event shirt


Soulful exercises, guided meditations & empowering affirmations to help unlock the power within you and learn to love every aspect of your being and go even deeper


Breakfast refreshments & a delicious lunch to keep you fueled.


Optional Rooftop & Wine nights and optional 90 minute private self-love healing sessions


An amazing love filled closing ceremony to re-align you to your new you


The Devine Feminine Experience here in Atlanta was exactly that: a profoundly unique and life altering experience based on the truth of who each of us are as powerful women. Khepra is a master spiritual facilitator, leader, and adept wise Woman and seamless provided a safe, open, and authentic place where each of us were able to connect. 

Dr. Christina

After your retreat experience , you’ll be able to…

see yourself differently

Picture yourself confidently. Pursue your dreams more easily. Unburdened self-doubt.  Visualize the fulfilling relationships, both personal and professional, that blossom when you radiate self-love and embrace your authenticity.

become a new version

Awaken each morning with a deep sense of appreciation for who you truly are as a radiant being with unique gifts and talents but also gain the freedom that comes from embracing your flaws, forgiving your past, and accepting yourself for who you truly are. 

self-Love without limits

Here's the truth: self-love is not a luxury; it's a necessity. It's the foundation upon which you build a life that resonates with your true essence. By rewiring your mindset, embracing self-compassion, and nurturing your soul, you'll tap into your limitless potential and step into the person you were always meant to be.


Was $697
exclusive pricing ends July 15th 2023

Let’s talk workshop ingredients

Do i need to bring anything for this experience?

Your materials required are all covered. Simply show up on time and most importantly with an open mind and willingness to grow & heal!

Will the food be provided?

Let’s just say I’m about to go ham at the grocery store. No need to pack any goodies or supplies, as I will have everything you need ready for you.

If i don’t have issues with self-love, can i still attend?

No matter where you are along your journey, you are welcome. The doors are open as this experience will awaken new corridors of self you may never thought of.

How many people will be attending?

A maximum of 15 attendees. This will allow me to give us time to cozily work through things together as we move through the value packed agenda.

Can i schedule private 1-on-1 time?

Absolutely! The evenings are open to schedule a 90 minute private session which is specific to your needs but also made to include use of magical tools to unlock you on a new level



Attending the Goddess Evolving Retreat was one of the best decisions I️ ever made. I️ had never attended any type of retreat before, so I️ didn’t know quite what to expect but in the end I️ was for sure impressed with the experience.  I️ highly recommend it for all who have some soul searching and healing to do!


I had a very deep experience at the Goddess Evolving Retreat. I learned how important it was to center myself and to love myself. I found myself in tears most times as I released hurtful issues I was dealing with. This was a blessing to my life as I was able to move forward with my current self and let go of past issues.


I highly recommend to anyone who's cup is empty to take part in this event.  I was pampered, educated and healed all at once. The gift bags and give aways were very meaningful and an added bonus. The guided meditations and sound therapy were surreal and also my favorite part. Khepra took me on a journey to a place inside myself that I didn't know existed.

Dr. Khepra El, DD

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Khepra El, d.d. is an internationally known Intuitive Healer, Self Love Practitioner & Purpose Life Coach with a passion for guiding others into healing themselves & become their highest level version of self through sacred services & events! 

At the very core of her purpose, she aims to guide others into their own higher journey & helping them learn to be resilient in the awakening of their greatest potential and know a deeper value of self. She offers personal/private services & custom handcrafted products that assists her clients travel into the journey of discovering their path of purpose.


Are you ready to break free from the shackles of self-doubt and embrace the radiance of self-love? Now is the time to prioritize your own well-being and embark on a journey that will transform your life from the inside out. Let's heal, let's rewrite, and let's embrace the incredible power of self-love. 

You deserve to live your life overflowing with self-love and unshakable confidence. 

You deserve to live without the chains of self-doubt and deserve to live inside your dreams and true potential. 

You deserve an abundant future of bright possibilities and days filled with happiness.

Embrace the magic of self-love, and transform every area of your life. Don't wait another moment – the life you desire is just a click away. 

Take the first step towards a life of self-love and healing. Join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, rewriting your own self-love story and healing. 


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Your true love story starts within you… let's heal, activate and empower your future.